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yo yo

Hey hey, I'm new so here's my application.

The Basics
Name: Heleyna
Age/DOB: 14-12/4/90
Gender/orientation: Female/straight
Location: Connecticut
Single or taken: Single

Interests: Music, movies, boys in tight pants, boys kissing, the male species in general, photography, books, all that good stuff
Favorite bands (10 please): Coldplay, The Beatles, Brand New, Motion City Soundtrack, Neva Dinova, Green Day, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones
Favorite movies (5): Donnie Darko, Napoleon Dynamite, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Willy Wonka, Benny and Joon
Song lyric that describes you:

Yes/or No (NO ESSAYS!)
Ever been to a show?: Yep. I've seen Green Day, Sugarcult, New Found Glory(ick), Boys Night Out, and From First to Last.
Ever been to Warped?: Unforunately, no.
Ever cried during a show or song?: During a show, maybe a tear or two. During a song? Hell yes.
Ever been in love?: Possibly.
Ever had your heart broken?: Yes, haven't we all?
Own any converse?: Dark blue, black, and pink. Converse rocks my pants.
Virgin?: Yep!
DO YOU WANT TO GO TO PROM WITH ME? AND DANCE, AND DANCE, AND DANCE AND DANCE, AND DANCE?!: Are you kidding me? It's been my dream for as long as I can remember to go to prom with you!

sXe: I think sXe kids are cool. I don't think you have to be sXe but, I think if you decide to be, it's pretty awesome. I dunno it it's for me though.
'Teeny-boppers': Haha, I can't do anything but just laugh. Some 'teeny-boppers' are annoying, but I dunno they can listen to whatever they want and do whatever they want as long as they don't shove it in my face.
Boys kissing other boys: Oh god, one of my favorite things on earth. It's beautiful and wonderfully exciting to look at.
Boys in tight pants: Once again, one of my favorite things. I always seem to fall for boys in tight pants. I LOVE them.
Being 'scene': It's cool if you're 'scene', but I'm really not into the whole label thing. Once you make labels people just try to hard to fit into certain ones and it's annoying.

Summer or winter: SUMMER.
Coffee or cappuccino: neither, but I guess coffee
John Nolan, Jesse Lacey, or Adam Lazzara: JESSE LACEY IS MY SEX GOD.
90's pop or 80's hair metal: 90's pop. I'm sorry, but 80's hair metal makes me want to vomit.
Chucks or Vans: Chucks all the way.
AP/Spin/Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone

Pick One
Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Service: Death Cab For Cutie
At The Drive In, Mars Volta, or Sparta: At The Drive In, I guess.
Favorite Drive-thru band: Something Corporate or The Early November
Taking Back Sunday or Straylight Run: Straylight Run
Old or New UnderOATH: OLD.
The Matches or Matchbook Romance: Matchbook Romance

Why did you apply and why do you think you should be accepted?: I applied because I am a horny teen without a signifigant other. I like most of the things that you guys listed as your interests and I though this seemed like a kick ass community. Shaggy haired boys in tight pants are the epitome of my love. I think it'd be hard to find someone who appreciates a sexay emo boy more than I do. And thaaaat, my friends, is why I think I should be accepted. Oh. yeah.
Say something hott about each mod: Kayla makes my body quiver in joy, Ashley is the epitome of sex, and Melissa should have my babies.
Promote in at least 2 spots and give us the link:http://www.livejournal.com/users/shaqueesha/ and http://www.livejournal.com/community/gay_em0_b0ys/
EMAIL-ADDRESS: xotwinkiethekidxoinabox@yahoo.com


Me being crazily emo. Duh.

Hell yes.

Up against the bathroom wall at a show. Oh babe.

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