Lauran (theywerelike) wrote in unxscene,

I just rock at life

Age/DOB: 14 7/19/90
Gender/orientation: female/straight
Location: Massachusetts
Single or taken: single

Interests: mostly bands, sleeping, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, bowling, sleeping, boy meets world, the princess bride
Favorite bands (10 please): Something Corporate, Fall out boy, my chemical romance, the academy is, hellogoodbye, relient k, the used, senses fail, taking back sunday, the killers
Favorite movies (5): the princess bride, spaceballs, shanghi nights, the hot chick, napoleon dynamite
Song lyric that describes you: What's with you and all your talk of independence? What's with me and my lack of innocence?
I guess... I don't really know

Yes/or No (NO ESSAYS!)
Ever been to a show?: yes, too many to list
Ever been to Warped?: yes
Ever cried during a show or song?: yes
Ever been in love?: I don't know
Ever had your heart broken?: kinda
Own any converse?: yes, 2, hot white and lime green ones and boring black ones
Virgin?: yes
WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? AND DANCE, AND DANCE, AND DANCE AND DANCE, AND DANCE?!: yeah, but my moves will be so hot you'll have to stand under the fan

Opinions (DETAILS!)
sXe: Good for you, not for me. If you can and want to do it, for yourself, not to be cool, than I think it's great. I, however, don't think I could ever do it.
'Teeny-boppers': Annoying as hell
Boys in tight pants: hot, hot, hot
Being 'scene': sick of it

Summer or winter: most definately summer
Coffee or cappuccino: neither really, coffee if there's lots of different flavors in it
John Nolan, Jesse Lacey, or Adam Lazzara: Adam Lazzara
80's hair metal, 90's alternative, boy band era: 90's alternative, I'm not a big 80's fan
Chucks or Vans: depends, chucks look better, but vans stay drier in the snow
MTV/MTV2/FUSE: fuse, fuse, fuse
Long pants, shorts, or skirts: long pants

Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Service: Death cab
At The Drive In, Mars Volta, or Sparta: at the drive in I guess
Favorite Drive-thru band: Something corporate, until they got switched, not it's probably senses fail, or did they switch too?
Taking Back Sunday or Straylight Run: Taking back Sunday, I do like straylight run though

Why did you apply and why do you think you should be accepted?: Because I want people to talk to, not people to just flood my friends list, people to actually talk to, that will talk back. And I should be accepted because I'm awesome.
Promote (good for brownie points): As soon as I figure out how, I will.

POST 2 PICTURES OF YOURSELF (At least 1 clear headshot.): I only have 1 unless you want me with bands
Something that'll make me laugh!:
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