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i just rock at life.

The Basics
Name: kimmey.
Age/DOB: 16 / 11-2-88.
Gender/orientation: female / straight.
Location: south florida.
Single or taken: single; and i like it this way.

Interests: sleeping; listening to music; being online; watching alias. i don't have many interests. i don't go out much, or do anything at all.
Favorite bands (10 please): something corporate, recover, underoath, hopesfall, the academy is..., hawthorne heights, jimmy eat world, hidden in plain view, firescape, jack's mannequin (even though i've only heard one song so far, hahaha)
Favorite movies (5): pretty in pink (ever since i was like, 10), sixteen candles, without a paddle, the notebook, garden state.
Song lyric that describes you: "i had that dream again where i was lost for good in outer space, tell me doctor how to shake a waking nightmare that is only worse when i am sleeping."

Yes/or No (NO ESSAYS!)
Ever been to a show?: yessss.
Ever been to Warped?: yup; love it.
Ever cried during a show or song?: of course. it's weird if i don't.
Ever been in love?: i don't like to discuss this topic, but i guess you could say i have been, once.
Ever had your heart broken?: oh yes.
Own any converse?: 5.
Virgin?: until i'm married, most likely.
WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? AND DANCE, AND DANCE, AND DANCE AND DANCE, AND DANCE?!: i'll buy a nice suit and you can wear a pretty dress. you will watch me dance and realize i am the best.

Opinions (DETAILS!)
sXe: ugh, i'm not sxe. probably because i don't want to commit to something like that. but most sxe kids are pretty cool and i admire them for being so. with all the drugs and sex going on it's good to see that some people are still normal.
'Teeny-boppers': they need to die. this is something i get really pissed off about. i can't stand teenies. especially at shows. you see more and more each time. it's like they're almost ruining my fun time. they don't even know what the music is about. they just want to fit in and act like they know everything. i've seen some at shows, they basically die in the crowd, and they're like "omfg lyke he'z s0 totally hawt." talking about the bands and such. i could go on forever.
Boys in tight pants: it's so common that it's almost overrated. i think it's pretty cute, though.
Being 'scene': i hate the scene. like one of my friends said last night, you have to have a certain haircut, own a bright eyes t-shirt, wear pink eyeshadow, and you're automatically scene. i'm not scene at all.

Summer or winter: summer because there's no school and i can do whatever the hell i want to, and winter because it gets about 50 degrees here sometimes. even though i hate it, it's nice for a change of season once in a while.
Coffee or cappuccino: how about a lemonade coolata from dunkin donuts?
John Nolan, Jesse Lacey, or Adam Lazzara: adam lazzara, only because we have almost the same hair color and i almost stole his sunglasses at warped tour. if not adam, i would say john nolan because i am in love with myself every day because i drank 3/4 of his water bottle at the last straylight run show and i feel as if i madeout with him. jesse lacey is always MIA, brand new is a good band, but they haven't played a show in florida since god knows when, and i just kinda don't even notice them anymore.
80's hair metal, 90's alternative, boy band era: gotta love the boy band era. i still listen to hanson, it's pretty cool.
Chucks or Vans: vans are more comfortable, but they're so big, if that makes sense. converse come in better colors, in my opinon.
MTV/MTV2/FUSE: fuse, i guess. mtv can die, mtv2 sucks, and fuse at least had warped wednesday last summer, which was cool.
Long pants, shorts, or skirts: i never wear shorts. i don't own a pair. it's usually too hot here to wear pants, i usually wear a skirt.

Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Service: the postal service. i'm not a real big dcfc fan, but they're not bad at all.
At The Drive In, Mars Volta, or Sparta: at the drive in. no real reason, i just don't want to choose between mars volta and sparta, i would feel bad picking one over the other.
Favorite Drive-thru band: SOMETHING CORPORATE, durrr.
Taking Back Sunday or Straylight Run: taking back sunday. only because they're way better live. adam is crazy on stage and john is an amazing guy but he almost put me to sleep.

Why did you apply and why do you think you should be accepted?: i applied because i found an UNSCENE community for once, instead of tons of scene cunts running around with their pixie haircuts. i should be accpeted because i'm unscene, i have the same underoath shirt as the mod, and i'm cool.
Promote (good for brownie points): i will later.
EMAIL-ADDRESS: ever_rising_sky@hotmail.com

POST 2 PICTURES OF YOURSELF (At least 1 clear headshot.):
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Something that'll make me laugh!: i couldn't pick just one, so here's two (i didn't resize either of them, they're going to be really big. i'm sorry about this):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
josh took that picture of himself with my camera, it always makes me laugh whenever i look at it.
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